Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials among homeowners and designers. It's easy to understand why: granite is precious! From an impressive appearance with stripped variants and swirls of all kinds to its durable natural stone material, the granite slabs make it a unique and beautiful place in every kitchen.

But with hundreds or even thousands of colors, you can choose from, you can choose multiple colors of granite countertop colors that fit your personal style. To start making color choices, you may find it helpful to see what granite colors are installed by other homeowners in your kitchens. So we have updated our Top 5 list for your enjoyment, and we introduce you to our most popular granite countertop colors.

List of Popular Granite Countertop colors


1. Azul Platino


Our premium granite color is platinum blue! Do you like the idea of adding color to your kitchen, but do you fear it is too bright or too much? Platinum blue is in your driveway. This board is silent, with soft shades of blue in a colorful pattern, so silent that at first sight, it looks almost black and white.

Different shades of blue are a list of trends in kitchen colors, perhaps because it has many shades, from subtle to small. Blue Platinum panels add a touch of blue, but also complement the kitchen's neutral back, as well as the range of gray, blue and earth cuisines.

2. White Dallas


Let's talk about versatility: the White Dallas paintings have a well-balanced composition: white, black and gray. The effect suits any kitchen tone, from darker to lighter, so it's not surprising that this is a trend right now.

The unwritten, but the extraordinary feature is also an advantage as it works with any kitchen design, from traditional farms to modern, white, industrial or Mediterranean farms. If you liked the versatility of platinum blue, but are concerned that blue does not match your design, White Dallas is a winning option.

3. Butterfly Beige


This variation of the earth tones makes it an ideal complement to kitchens ranging from lighter mocha, creamy coffee to those of the darker circle of chocolate pears.

The Butterfly Beige board contains classic particles of black and white granite, places with larger spots of earthy and winged accents. These accents range from tan, beige and gold to some with a slightly green look.


4. Santa Cecilia Granite


Like white kitchen cabinets, the Santa Cecilia color has been one of the Top 5 granite slab lists for almost 10 years. This is the opposite effect of Beige Butterfly, with rich, brown tones in the foreground and black accents fading into the background.

If you have difficulty choosing a slab, and Santa Cecilia should be at the top of the list because dyeing variations mean that it works with any cabinet.



5. Luna Pearl Granite


The pearl accents of the Luna Pearl Granite give the classic combination of plates a luxurious look. Although the pattern is a little braver than marble, this color is a good choice for homes that want a soft appearance. Luna Pearl's bright opalescent stains provide a softer luminous-looking and with all the benefits of granite.

Luna Pearl is well combined with white or gray cabinets for a complementary look or creates a bit of contrast by choosing this granite color with cabinets with cherry, maple or other wood finishes.


Granite is one of the most popular countertops, granite is a durable option for kitchen countertops, vanities, bar counters, and more. As there are thousands of unique granite colors, this is the perfect natural stone to adjust the decor of any project.



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