Marble and granite are known for being perfect natural materials to use in construction projects such as houses and buildings. They’re used in for structures, walls, roofs, floors, and columns

Both stones work perfectly fine for every kind of architectonical project for their resistance, and for their aesthetics. Their use might vary depending on the surface, how, and where is it going to be used. We’ll explain a little bit about both materials, their differences, and how can they be used while building a house or a similar project. 


Marble is a metamorphosed limestone, mainly composed of carbonate. It’s formed when there are extremely high temperatures, and pressure levels son the earth’s surface. In this process, the stone goes through metamorphosis, where the internal calcification will crystallize again and change the rock’s texture. The longer the process of metamorphosis lasts, the bigger the crystals become, some even merge, and get so big that is noticeable by human sight. 

Marble is one of the most elegant, and resistant materials used in constructions. It can be used on roofs, floors, smokestacks, and as a decoration on furniture and bathrooms. It’s usually available in different colors. 


It’s a grainy stone with a rough texture. It’s formed after the crystallization of magma under the surface of the earth. It’s mainly made of feldspar and quartz. In most cases granite has light color tones on its surface. Granite is often used for street installations, as well as kitchens and house's exteriors. 

Large Stone Gallery of Granite in Miami Florida.


Differences between marble and granite

Granite is known for being much tougher that marble, that’s the reason why it’s often used on exteriors, and marble on interiors. Granite can withstand the kitchen, and exterior heat with much more success than marble, that sometimes can lose its color because of high temperatures. That’s the biggest disadvantage of using marble on construction. 

Marble is usually porous, making it prone to be stained and damaged if in contact with liquids like fruit juice, or wine. For that matter, granite is undoubtedly more reliable, and resistant. If it’s put through a definite seal process, it will be even more lasting. 

The aesthetics are logically different between both materials; granite looks like it has black ‘dots’ all over its surface, while marble has vein looking lines everywhere

It’s recommended to use granite on the kitchen, and exterior parts of the construction project since its characteristics make it more reliable, and cost-efficient. It will tolerate the heat better, and last longer. For the other part, marble is advised for interior surfaces like bedrooms, and bathrooms. It looks more elegant, and it’s an easier surface to keep clean. Both are necessary, and their features complement each other.

Every project has its own characteristics, and it’s necessary to evaluate all of them before making a choice, like which stone to use, in this case between marble, and granite. Surfaces, climate, exposure to heat, and direct sunlight, humidity. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

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